Mini V-Roller 2.0 is made for everybody who is active and wants to have a alternative way for their  training sessions, warm ups, cool downs or just simple way to do your everyday workout. Our product can find place in any backpack so it's very easy to take it with you wherever you go.  Mini V-Roller 2.0  still remains with many color options that you can order. We always do our best to improve our product and make our customers satisfied

Technical information:
  • Weight: 1.83 kg (4.03 lbs)
  • You can use it on hard, soft and rugged surface
  • Three adjustable roller  sizes- you can use it with all size BMX bikes (including 24'' cruiser bike) and also it can be used with road and MTB bikes (only use low profile tires for smoother ride)
  • Many color options
  • Easy to move around and it's space saving
  • No tools needed to set it apart
  • Size when completed: Width 25cm (9.84'') x  Length  22cm (8.6'') x Height 6cm (2.36'')
  • Aluminium construction
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